California Psychiatry strives to offer the highest quality of care for you and your loved ones.  By reimagining the medical model, we are able to provide a level of service that is second to none and personalized for each individual.  Unlike most providers, we understand that questions or concerns may arise at any moment, so as part of our service, you will be provided with your physician’s direct contact information.  We believe being able to quickly access your physician should be a fundamental aspect of great health care and we offer flexible office hours to accommodate the schedules of most individuals.

At California Psychiatry, we offer both psychotherapy and/or medication management for patients with a wide variety of issues.

New Patients

90-minute evaluation.  All new patients to our clinic will require an initial 90-minute evaluation.  During the first consultation, your Psychiatrist will perform a comprehensive medical and psychiatric interview with the goal of arriving at an initial working diagnosis and treatment plan.  Your physician will discuss available treatment options including possible medication and/or therapy recommendations.

Follow-up Visits

45-minute Psychotherapy and/or Medication Management visits.  Return visits of 45 minutes are recommended for patients in a variety of situations, including those who require psychotherapy, those who are undergoing medication adjustments, or during periods of increased impairment.

25-minute Medication Management alone.  Return visits of 25 minutes are recommended for patients who currently have an outside therapist, those who do not have active impairments, or those who are currently stable on their medication regimen.